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best week ever
Code Geass - Ice Cream

Lawl, no posts in forever. Whatever, no difference.


I've tried this three times, WTFCollapse )
22nd-Oct-2008 07:41 am - Everyone But Joshua is Wearing Braces
Neku - WTF

Why is it that ever song on The Heart of Everything reminds me of Sho?
At least he's not the only one defying gravityCollapse )
C.C. - What


I was on there for an hour pressing the "Refresh" button.
It was awesome.

Anyway, I finally got Neku's "What the hell?" at the correct volume twice since I last posted.  Also, if I had a video camera I'd film my strange commentary for Beat day 7, because it, too, is awesome.

It's the third year that I'll probably chicken out of a Talent Show at school.  I know it's coming up sometime in this year, but I can never bring myself to enter.  Ugh, I'd do singing, but I'm scared because I hate people hearing me sing.  I can sing pretty well, female- and male-wise, but it's just too creepy for me to go through with it.  Everyone staring at you, expecting something good.  Okay, fine, most people sing like crap and they let them in.  But singing too well... does that sound weird?

Oh yeah, I wrote down all the Secret Report stuff for TWEWY, and it follows this weird format.  It's sort of understandable to others probably.  Like this is the entry for Joshua day 3:

Day 3:
Pig noise: Miyashita Park Underpass, Tipsy Tose Hall
Concert stage after ramen, tech guy
Miyashita Park; blue noise

I'm surprised I remember what some of that junk means.
17th-Oct-2008 05:37 pm - Thank you for scarred Nunally
Chi - Heart
Uzuki has ADD.  Really, she does.  I can barely get an attack in, both Neku and Beat.  Too much moving for non-ADDnes.

Uh, Grandma'll be here until Sunday morning.  We walked the dog, Dixie(she's a Beagle-Cow dog mix).  I accidentally gave her a workout just by walking.  Cause I walk fast.

I have this weird thing in my brain that's wired incorrectly that makes characters in regular books appear(in my mind)like anime/manga/video game characters.  Take Ned Vizzini's "It's Kind of a Funny Story"(which, by the way, is an awesome book).  Craig looks like TWEWY's Joshua.  Noelle looks like Code Geass's Nunally.  Except this Nunally had scars running up and down her face.

All the girls at school are ganging up on Peyton.  We're giving her the "silent treatment" starting next week.  Thank you for victory.
15th-Oct-2008 08:06 am - No More Late-night Shipping Prices
Kobato - Like I'm Sneezing

Saying "what" has become a nightmare.
I, also, have developed the habit of saying it like Uzuki does.  Another speech-abnormality I've gotten from TWEWY is from Beat, for I keep saying "Yo" on accident.  I don't know why, but now it comes out of my mouth at least twenty times a day.

Grandma came two days ago, and I got kicked out of my room so she could sleep in there.  You know what that means.  No late-night gaming sessions.  Well, I can play with headphones on, but it's not as fun and takes away from the experience of feeling eternal bliss.  Also, my headphones are busted so you can't hear out of the left ear unless you rotate your head to a certain angle or if you turn to face a certain way or you twist the cord just right.  Uh, crap.

Oh yeah, yesterday I beat TWEWY's last chapter again and guess what?  This time I missed the "What the" part of "What the hell!" but got the "hell" louder than I wanted to.  I guess it would've worked in my room, but I had headphones on, which means I keep thinks very low so no one hears anything(which no one ever does).

I got to skip school yesterday for the state fair.  We didn't go last year, so i forgot, like, everything about it.  Oh, except for the annoying car shows my parents like to go to.  So boring.  Just walk around with bunches of people looking at cars.  I only enjoy feeling the seats and smelling the inside of the cars.  Oh, but there was this booth there selling anime/video game stuff and they have a store nearby us, so yeah for no shipping prices.
12th-Oct-2008 09:14 pm - Thas is Huh
Kobato - Trying Hard

Every time I hear someone say "Huh?" I turn around to face them and expect to see Shiki.  I'm serious, everyone sounds like Shiki when they say "Huh?"  And everyone sounds like Uzuki when they say "What?"  It's been weird, walking around and "What?" "Huh?"

Oh yeah, I was playing TWEWY earlier and was playing Joshua day 2, and I was battling.  At the end, Neku said "That was nothing," and Joshua said something like "This is nothing"  Either way both had a "nothing" at the end so it sounded like "Thas is nothing" and I was like "WTF?"
12th-Oct-2008 10:39 am - Princess Peach sounds like irony
Neku - WTF
So I was playing TWEWY last night, and I beat the final boss again and when I got to the "What the hell" part, I turned it down lower.  And guess what?  I didn't hear anything this time.  All I did was watch.  I freaking hate irony.

Also, I just noticed that when Rhyme says "Oh," she sounds just like Princess Peach.  Seriously.

Oh yeah, and this

9th-Oct-2008 05:52 pm - I Already Gave Up on Neku's Flesh
Chi - Heart

Midori hasn't gotten on all day and I'm bored
I Don't Hear Any MusicCollapse )
8th-Oct-2008 06:29 pm - Code Geass's Instruction Manual
C.C. - What
I feel like watching Code Geass again.  Well, not "again" since I've only ever watched two episodes, but you know what I mean.  As in I want to watch it.  I feel like I'm missing out on so much by not watching it.

Ugly new TRC color page is ugly.  I mean ugly.  I'm so disappointed in CLAMP this time, could they please have given us a decent color page?  But no, it's ugly as hell.  Damn you CLAMP, damn you.

Do you find it weird to drag a video game instruction manual around with you all day?  I don't , but the kids at school certainly do.  You see, I have, for the last week, brought TWEWY's manual with me to school since it's the closest I get to the game during the school day.  I love looking at gay Joshua all the graphics in there, even though I don't actually read the booklet.  So everyone's been staring at it.
7th-Oct-2008 04:43 pm - R&B? IDK
Kobato - Seriously?  Seriously
I forgot to tell you, the night I finished TWEWY, I stayed up until four.  Just though I'd let you know that.

I Alienated Spaghetti and MeatballsCollapse )
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